Terms and How to Register Tiktok Affiliate to Increase Income


Terms and How to Register Tiktok Affiliate to Increase Income


Tiktok Affiliate - Social media is increasingly opening up opportunities for those of you who want to add money. Just become a partner or affliate, then create product marketing content as creative as possible, and earn extra money.

The way the TikTok affiliate works is quite simple. Creators who create content, will get a commission for every product purchase through the promoted link.

Interested in becoming TikTokers and earning rupiah coffers? Meet the requirements and follow the method of registering a TikTok affiliate below. Easy, you know!


Terms of registering TikTok Affiliate

If you are a TikTok content creator and want to generate additional income, then you can try signing up as an affiliate. However, there are several conditions that you must meet before signing up for a TikTok affiliate.

You must have these conditions before registering an account, yes. Well, here are some conditions:

       have a bank account number;

       have a personal identity such as an ID card or passport

       domicile address for product delivery; and

       TikTok account that has activated TikTok Shop.

This partner feature of TikTok does not require a certain number of followers to register. So, you can create a promotional account from scratch. However, some companies or sellers who want to use affiliate services can determine the number of followers. So, you can confirm it first before signing the partnership.


How to Activate TikTok Shop

One of the main requirements to become a TikTok affiliate is to have a TikTok account that has activated the Shop feature. Therefore, IDN times will start the process of registering a TikTok affiliate by activating it first. How to?

1.               Visit the official TikTok affiliate page at affiliate.tiktokglobalshop.com

2.               On the front page, select 'Use a TikTok account to register'. You can also login if you already have an account on the affiliate page

3.               The TikTok affiliate will be linked to your TikTok account. Click 'Authorized' to grant access

4.               Enter a mobile number and an active email address that can be accessed

5.               You will receive a verification code. Then, type the passcode on the affiliate's TikTok page to get access to the account dashboard

6.               After doing so, you have successfully entered the TikTok Shop Seller Center page

7.               Select the 'Document Verification' menu

8.               Fill in all required form fields, including type of business, store name, and identification. TikTok will also ask you to take a selfie with your identity as verification

9.               Click 'Link Bank Account' to enter an active bank account number

10.            Select 'Save' to submit an account creation request

11.            Wait for a reply email from TikTok containing confirmation of TikTok Shop activation.

If you have received a confirmation email, it means that your TikTok Shop account is active and can be used immediately. You can also read the detailed terms of the TikTok Shop listed in the email.


How to Register TikTok Affiliate

After the TikTok Shop account is active, then you can proceed to the next stage. There are two ways to register for a TikTok affiliate to choose from, depending on whether you are a seller or a content creator. Previously, make sure your TikTok application is not Lite and has been updated to the latest version, yes.


Guide How To Sign Up Tiktok Affiliate As A Content Creator

                 Run the app and log in to your TikTok account

                 Next, go to the profile page by clicking the human icon at the bottom right

                 Select the three dots at the top right to go to Settings > Privacy

                 In the monetization column, a TikTok Shop will appear indicating your account is connected. Click the 'TikTok Shop' menu

                 Open the product menu by pressing the 'Add Affiliate Product' option

                 Choose a product to sell or link a link from e-commerce. You can also find out how much commission you will get when you successfully sell the selected product.

Guide on How To Register A Tiktok Affiliate As A Seller

                 Open the seller page on TikTok Shop via the seller-id.TikTok.com link

                 Then login using your registered  TikTok account

                 After successfully logging in, select the menu that directs to the TikTok shop affiliate page

                 Click the Program menu > Store program

                 Press the 'Create' option to enter a new product you want to sell

                 In the commission section, specify the percentage for creators

                 Press the 'Submit' button to save the settings you.

Once successful, your store will be connected to an affiliate program that can be run by creators. If you want to stop the affiliate program, simply select 'Stop Program' in the menu. To monitor sales and affiliate processes, you can check at the TikTok Shop seller center through the application, yes.

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