How to Register Shopee Affiliate along with the conditions


How to Register Shopee Affiliate along with the conditions. 
Shopee Affiliate is a program provided by Shopee to help content creators earn extra money through commissions. The method is quite easy, you only need to promote certain products on Shopee via social media links.


The platforms that can be used as promotional media are very diverse, ranging from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, to TikTok. You are given the freedom to choose what products you want to promote.


However, keep in mind that the commission given only applies to products from stores labeled as star sellers or malls. This program is for anyone without a minimum number of followers.


The process is very easy and non-binding. To better understand it, here is an explanation of how to register a Shopee Affiliate and the requirements for you.


How to Register Shopee Affiliate


Before registering for the Shopee Affiliate program, make sure you understand the terms first. Shopee requires you to have an active social media account.


Make sure the content uploaded in the account is original. Change your Instagram account settings to make it public. Then, make sure the registered Shopee account is a personal account, not a Shopee shop or seller account.


For those who are curious about their income, Shopee offers a commission of 2.5% -10% for each transaction. The more people who buy products from your link, the more income you will get.


If you have met these requirements, then you can register yourself through the official Shopee application. Quoted from the Shopee site, here are the steps that you can see.


How to Register Shopee Affiliate


Here's the procedure for registering the Shopee Affiliate Program that you can follow the steps:


1. Go to the Shopee Affiliate page

Open the Shopee Affiliate page at using a laptop or cellphone. Make sure the internet connection runs smoothly and there are no interruptions.

2. Login to your Shopee account

Login to your Shopee account by entering your email and password. Make sure the registered account is a personal account, not a Shopee store or seller account.

3. Fill in the registration form

Fill in the program registration form with correct and appropriate data. Then, click the “Register” menu.

4. Wait for confirmation

If so, wait for confirmation from Shopee a maximum of 3 working days. You will receive it via email and notification in the Shopee app.

5. Start creating content

If the application is approved, you can immediately create promotional content for Shopee products using the Affiliate link. Upload the promotional content on your social media accounts.

6. Fill in additional data

Fill in additional data including account and NPWP (optional). This setting is in the payment menu on the Shopee Affiliates Program platform.


And thats how to register for Shopee Affiliate that you can see and you can follow the steps. Thus our article this time, hopefully it can be useful for all of you. Thank you

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